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Photo sharing has always been the leading social upgrade because of Instagram. The platform of Instagram has become very popular with up to 80 million uses and who are always changing their photos using cool filters and special effects before you share them with followers and friends. Businesses have always been using this new social media platform to market their business and build following. People are fond of strong visual content. So, you can easily prefer posting pictures of employees and products to make your followers feel closer to your business. This kind of marketing forges loyalty for the brand.


After the latest update on Instagram, users can now tag a particular location with images that can be saved to personal map. You can share your images with followers. It is better to have your physical location tagged to the photo, even when you are traveling around the state or country. If you are at local craft fairs, booths or other events, you just snap a photo and tag the location and tell your followers where you are.

Go Behind the Scenes

Sharing is supposed to be the main idea behind social media. Your followers and fans are offering you the way to access them on a personal level. So, be sure to give the same to them. You should take pictures of your office staff. Take snaps of upcoming products to give a sneak peak to them. Take some pictures on the way. You can give some real sense to the followers on how things work behind the scenes so they can feel the part of your brand.


If you are using Twitter, you really know the effectiveness of hashtags on sharing. You can do the same to your Instagram photos. You can use tags that can relate to your niche or business to make it easier for the people to find you. For example, if you are a jewelry maker, you can use tags like #customjewelry, #rings or #necklace. You have to look for popular tags which are used by your competitors and add them to your pictures.


People really appreciate if they stand a chance to win exclusive prizes. This way, you can hold a photo contest to give your followers exactly what they like to see. You can ask them to send their own pictures with your product and choose winner among them. You can go another route with sending the picture which shows something more abstract. There are different ways to get creative and more followers with a contest through Instagram.

Promote Your Events

If you are going at the convention or trade show, you can take snaps and tag where you are to let your fans know what’s going on in your business. If you are starting a big sale, take a shot of sales flyer for the followers. It is also a great way to keep your followers feel special by offering special discount to your fans and get creative with them.




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